Friday, 7 January 2011

Success at Last

First efforts to combine the data generated by my boids simulator with my auto-walking algorithm were fraught with difficulty.  'Noisy' fcurves had loads of jitter on them due to some of the fuzzy approximation methods used by the boids sim to keep the simulations fast.  Added to this as I was doing much of the calculations for the boids rotations using matrices or quaternions rather than Eulers, rotations would often flip from +/- 360 to 0 and back again.  I wrote a quick 'filter and smooth' script which effectively corrects Euler flips and blurs the data generated by the sim to allow the walking algorithm to produce more regular leg movement.

Here's the first crash test dummy... not particularly exciting but at least it works now!  Running is yet to be implemented and the walking algorithm falls apart if the distance the boid has to move in any given frame step is too large.  Writing sub-frame steps would easily correct this however and would probably be faster than any more intelligent algorithms.

Stay tuned for more demos and hopefully in the near future some source code for you to disect.

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