Saturday, 22 January 2011


For info on how the auto-walking, crowd simulation and 'scribbler' work see my notes on scribd

A crash test dummy for my work in progress collection of scripts for auto-walking and flock simulation in blender. The crowd simulation system used for these was programmed from the ground up in python (not using blender's built in boids), as was the auto-walker (though I took a glance at the old 2.4x insect walker but decided to go down a different route for more flexibility with different numbers of legs etc.)

I also coded the 'scribbler' and the motion trails in python (thanks to this unofficial port of Python Image Library to Python3 which enabled me to use PIL inside blender to read pixels). Inspiration for the scribbler's algorithm comes in parts from mr doob's harmony​ and zefrank's original scribbler.

The sound is a combination of my own python code (sampling differentiated fcurve data in blender) and audiopaint.

I also had a bit of time to type up some notes on the 'Mushroomer' Algorithm as well based on some work I presented at the blender conference with the rest of the 'tube' project team:

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  1. wow!its so eerie feels like an arachnophobic nightmare