Sunday, 23 January 2011

Personal Notation Project Completed

Rather than reiterating what I've neatly typed up I'll post a link to the pdf on scribd:

In Summary

My younger brother (age 10) has recently started learning to play Bach’s Prelude No.1 on the piano. I asked him to follow a simple set of instructions, an algorithm of sorts, to investigate how, as a relatively naive musician, he interpreted the music:

Taking each note in turn:
  1. listen to the note and the note that immediately preceeds it.
  2. draw a pictogram which expresses how you feel regarding the preceeding note.
  3. on the same piece of paper draw another pictogram relative to the first one, expressing the relative diference between the two notes.
  4.  shape the ball of plasticine provided and place in on the grid in a way that expresses how you feel regarding the pair of notes.
  5.  repeat

Again, check out the scribd link for the accompanying analysis- if you want a higher quality copy of the pdf for any reason give me a shout and I'll yousendit.

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