Friday, 28 January 2011

Sick of Disney

After a term and a half at Central St Martins, I've now seen more Disney, Chuck Jones and generic US mainstream animation than I thought could ever be possible... and I've had quite enough of it!  Felipe, Maire and Amy suggested some of the films on the above playlist, and the rest I tracked down from plates in a history book that Krizstina found buried at the back of the studio bookshelf.

Get your google translate at the ready if you plan on reading any of the links!
  1. Norman McLaren & Evelyn Lambart - Begone Dull Care.
  2. Norman McLaren - Boogie Doodle.
  3. Fantastic Planet Trailer. The best bit is the voice-over.
  4. Winnie the Pooh in Russian.  Felipe & Marie's simultaneous suggestion. Piglet's dilema with the gun at 8:20 is fantastically topical.  I keep waiting for him to say comrade.
  5. Henry Jacobs & Bob McClay - The Fine Art of Goofing Off.  0:25 The shot of the paint.  The intro to a 'philosophical sesame street'.
  6. Bruno Bozzetto - Allegro Non Troppo. 0:50-1:00 Fantasia's brooms revisited.
  7. Will Vinton - Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain. 0:52 Seen this more recently perhaps... in a Gorillaz music video maybe?
  8. Frédéric Back - Crac! 0:58 The woodman animation.  6:15 The twinned movements of the cows are beautiful.
  9. Guido Manuli - Incubus.  Love the credits between animation, nice use of black.  Warped perspective at 1:13.  City shot at 2:04.  Possibly NSFW.
  10. Per Ahlin - The Day Alfons Killed his Father.  0:53 Terrifying.
  11. Canal 7 Argentina - Casimiro. (If anyone can work out who directed this let me know)  Love the use of lines not just as a way to cordon off blocks of colour.  Apparently this was used to scare children to sleep.
  12. Jordan Ananiadis - We Greeks.
  13. Josko Marusic - Riblje Oko (Fisheye). 4:23 Stunning Perspective Shot.  Beautiful style throughout, and shooting that's not just 'on twos' or 'on ones'.
  14. Miroslaw Kijowicz - Creative Escape.  Brave and stark drawings throughout.
  15. Miroslaw Kijowicz - Wiklinowy Kosz (The Wicker Basket).  I love how the main character holds one facial expression throughout.  Effective minimal animation without overdone expression.
  16. Yuri Norstein - Tale of Tales.  Absolutely stunning throughout, but the apple in the forest at 0:48 tops it for me.  The reflection at 4:26 is another exciting moment, and the lighting on the dance scene from 6:39 onwards is a rare treat in this style of animation.  Somewhat visually different to his most popular film the Hedgehog in the Fog.  Here's a documentary about him.
  17. Yuri Norstein - Hedgehog in the Fog. 5:11 onwards, the spiralling tree, then the cuts and camera moves from 5:54 onwards, and great use of synchronised music 7:00-7:30.
  18. Priit Pärn - Time Out.  Motion blur at 0:40.  Strong visual gags throughout.
  19. Vlash Droboniku - Ndodhite e Çufos.  The difference in line thickness between the animated character and the backgrounds, and a complete disregard for weight.
  20. Tulio Raggi - Maja Vivo. 0:22 Line of sight.
  21. Kihachiro Kawamoto - House of Flame.  Stop motion walking 0:26.  Great mix of drawings, not just as background elements, and stop-motion throughout.
  22. Bob Stenhouse - The Frog, The Dog and The Devil.Great special effects reference for animated water, lightning.  Some nice moving camera/perspective shots 2:22.
  23. Jon Minnis - Charade. Single character acting reference.  A student 4 minute film completed by one person in 3 months.
  24. Roman Abelevich Kachanov - Cheburashka (Topple).  Felipe's suggestion.  Still characters which aren't dead 1:45-2:02 no movement whatsoever from one of the on-screen characters.
  25. Soyuzmultfilm - СИТЦЕВАЯ УЛИЦА (Calico Street).  Felipe's suggestion.  Captivating run cycle at 4:21.
  26. Yevgeniy Sivokon of Kievnauchfilm (Kiev Science Films) - The Tree and the Cat.  Felipe's suggestion.  Russian "Aristocats" 1:19.  Backgrounds with much more interesting compositions that the Disney work of the same era.
  27. Yevgeniy Sivokon - Laziness. 1:45 Great POV shots throughout.
  28. Gainax - Daicon 3.  Felipe's suggestion.
  29. Gainax - Daicon 4.  Felipe's suggestion.
  30. Jiří Trnka - The Cybernetic Grandma.
  31. Marin Iorda - Haplea.  The earliest Romanian animated film still in existence today.
Are you suitably detoxed yet?

If you've got any suggestions which might fit into the above playlist let me know and I'll add them.

On a different note Leighton Pierce has at last published 50 Feet of String.  Its been on my most wanted to watch list for a long time.  I spent hours looking for this on the web after reading about it in The Garden in the Machine.

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