Monday, 3 January 2011

Autowalker Coding

Started work on coding the autowalker today... It's been harder than I expected!  Here's a first attempt without any kind of body movement.

All the extra bones (used for configuring the step size etc) get rather confusing in this quick video, but rest assured the feet are actually sticking to the ground.  Coding body movement comes next, then sorting out leg sequencing and step rates rather than the haptic steps that happen here!

Hopefully before long I'll get a chance to implement this with the boids sim.  Had a few helpful comments from Bassam on new features he'd like to see implemented, most of which require random movement which is not jitter - I'll need a time stable noise function to produce wavy paths rather than jittery ones... not too dissimilar to the noise modifier for fcurves.  Other features missing are the standard boid idle/rest states and a special option to 'playback' custom loops such as eating etc.

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