Saturday, 20 November 2010

Getting Renderman Shader Editing on Windows

With renderman exporters for blender 2.5 on the horizon I thought I'd get a head start by learning the renderman shading system.  Sadly on windows its not quite as easy as it should be get a shader editor going.  The original Shaderman runs fine but its a little dated, and I'd previously tried getting to run to no avail.  Instead I tried Sler which like is written in python.  Some of the links to sler's dependencies are  broken so I tried searching around the internet and installed the dependencies as listed on sler's download page. Sadly, according to this blog post on superjazz it seems that many of the recent compiles of gtk are incompatible with recent compiles of python.  If you're getting lots of these errors you've probably hit the same problem I did:

ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

To get round this you need to install an older version of python.  On top of that you need GTK with glade (which for some reason doesn't always seem to be included) - if you're getting errors about a missing libglade-2.0-0.dll then you've only got plain GTK without the glade.  The exact files which worked for me are:

aqsis-setup-1.6.0 - for preview rendering

Just unzip Sler to a clean folder then inside the bin subfolder create a new batch file with something like the following to set your path and start sler:

set PATH=C:\Program Files\GTK2-Runtime\bin;C:\Python25;C:\Program Files\GTK2-Runtime\lib;C:\Program Files\GTK2-Runtime\;C:\Program Files\Aqsis;C:\Program Files\Aqsis\bin
@set GTK2R_PREFIX=G:\Program Files\GTK2-Runtime\bin
@echo set PATH=%GTK2R_PREFIX%;%%PATH%%

Best of luck, let me know if you have any problems.

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