Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Birds and Fish

Quick Crow Flight Cycle

Might give it another go with a simpler setup when I get a moment.  Its still a struggle to get the wings completely folded up.  Rerigged the shark with a much simpler setup to get the simple sine wave propagating nicely, he's still a little dead for now though!

Updated - thanks to Frankie Swan for some great tips.


  1. Nice rigging on the bird! You should get on if you want to make available to blender users. You're call.

  2. i used the bird in a animation class.
    I've writed the youtube link in the credits.
    (i will rework the sound soon)
    Do i have the autorisation to post it on youtube?

  3. hey, glad you found a use for it! yep sure, feel free to post it. Maybe if you could link to this post in the comments to say where you found the model,

    best wishes,