Thursday, 18 November 2010

Disco Guy - Character for the mood change walk exercise

Disco Guy: Rig and Wire

Some of the texture painting's not perfect but in the end I was pretty happy with how the rig turned out.  I have IK/FK switching on arms and legs, free/fixed hip choice, stretchy IK body with volume preservation and a nice B-bone torso, as well as clavicle deformers to keep the chest shape.  On the hands I have palm fan controls and finger spread/fist controls as well as individual finger curls.  Not too bad for half a days rigging and weighting.

Shape keys yet to come, only the eye controls are done for the face so far.  Not sure if I'll bother with custom bones as I know the rig inside out and spent a while sorting out layers.  Sadly the 32-bit PC in the studio can't cope with deep shadow buffers and hair without running out of RAM very quickly.

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