Sunday, 19 December 2010

Smooth Vertex Group Weights in Python

I had to do some weight painting this morning in blender (for masking displacement textures and wave modifiers, not skinning bones for once!) and was faced with the usual problem of having to smooth out vertex group weights.  It struck me that I was painting all the way along one of my edge loops, and instead of laboriously going up and down the edge loop with the blur brush trying ever so hard not to paint bits of mesh in the background, I could select those edge loops quickly and easily in edit mode and write an operator to smooth out the weights of the active vertex group.

Before and After

I've bundled this into the tube project's 'Edge Tools' which I wrote back in the summer.  The latest release is available here: just copy and paste into a text file and run from the script editor or save it as a .py and install from the add-ons menu.  Its in the Ctrl-V menu or Spacebar>Smooth Vertex...

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