Friday, 31 December 2010


LESS THAN THREE is for Rhiannon, Who has never thrown a snowball at me! (and took kindly to being portrayed as a rather rotund 'Christmas Pudding' eskimo)

Two weeks start to finish in Blender 2.5.  Animating took just over 4 days.  I felt like I was on a bit of a haptic path trying to get this finished... the characters probably are as well!  I watched a lot of Ivor Wood stop motion before starting the animating and tried out (and broke) every gag in the book.  I manage to re-target my 'disco guy' rig fairly successfully but uncovered a new problem (this time with the eye tracking).  One of my big aims was to get smooth motion without falling back on the crutch of motion blur (which I used in only one shot - the flying snowball) and to compose strongly enough and texture well enough so I wouldn't need depth of field to hide the mistakes (used only in one shot where I went for a slight dutch angle and the dropped camera look).

Thanks to my little brother George the ad-hoc stuntman who happily dressed up in 20 T-shirts, jumpers and hoodies, multiple tracksuits, scarves, hats and a balaclava and stumbled round the garden like a padded eskimo while I threw snowballs and a giant physio ball at him for reference footage.  I re-timed a lot of the reference in After Effects for comic effect and over exaggerated the poses in the animation stage.

Thanks also to all the users whose clips were used, and to for providing the Public Domain Songs Ragtimers' "Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" and Johnny Johnson's "Raggedy Ann" from Stepping Stones.

Batch Texture Processing: GIMP and IrfanView
Texture Painting: Photoshop
Bump and Normal Maps: SSBump
Modelling Shading Animation Rendering Compositing: Blender 2.5
Skating Tracks: Jahka's Animated Texture Bake
Final Grade, Animated Textures and Reference Processing: After Effects
Edit: Premiere Pro
Sound: Reaper


  1. wow in just two weeks??!!!u work horse! i need to take a leaf out of your book and work much harder. in fact that will be my new years resolution!
    cu next week!

  2. yep its probably the fastest I've ever animated anything, see you monday!