Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Jump Cuts Summer 2010

Two reels of Kodachrome and one of Ektachrome back from Dwayne's Photo USA.  Point and hope film-making meets Dada-ism when I get behind a Sankyo MF404 with a shorting out power pack, focus marks that don't match and a wonky reflex mirror.  Its sad to think that in 16 days time no-one in the entire world will be able to develop such a vivid and reliable film stock - this was shot on 19 years out of date K40 and the weakest link in getting it on the net is my brother's HD handycam I used for the telecine not the ageing AGFA Family Projector Set.   Video's in the processing queue on Vimeo - fingers crossed it will be up this afternoon - codecs kill the grain though.

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