Sunday, 4 March 2012


I spent yesterday photographing some of the several hundred or so drawings from my half a year at the RCA (not including the first 500 frames I drew last week for the film I'm currently working on).  Here's a very quick look at them, and below is, my updated drawing portfolio.

Or view it full size on scribd.


  1. Everyday you draw naked people? I saw sketches of naked people...and thought they were awesome!

    Hope you're well. Shuchen xx

  2. That must have taken you some long time.
    Either way, I think it shows that you have skills in drawing people or figures. I always like to draw with my pencil though, because it is easier to draw sharp lines. Although I think ink is easier with sketching scenery and shadows and especially it stops you from being to perfectionistic.

    In other regards, I still love the autowalker script. :-3