Tuesday, 17 April 2012

'Tube' Lauches its Kickstarter

The summer before last I moved to Northampton, MA for three months to work on Bassam Kurdali's next open movie, 'Tube'.  I think its fair to say that in those three months I learnt more about CG animation, coding, model making and film making than I have in such a short space of time before or since, as well as having an amazing time living with the other interns Henri and Becky, cooking, cycling, swimming in the river, running up mountains etc.  I managed to do some work remotely for the project last year, but this year my own work has completely taken over.  'Tube' has recently launched its kickstarter project.  I really hope they manage to collect enough funding to finish the film and release the tremendous mountains of assets to the crowd: models, rigs, textures, scripts.  If you've got a spare dime, nickel, quarter or dollar, I'm sure they'd appreciate it...

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