Monday, 7 March 2011

Editing F-curves in the 3D View

So after feeling really proud of myself for getting asynchronous f-curves represented in the 3D view in blender with live updating, I read of Crouch's concurrent efforts to bring the same functionality to blender and realised I'd been beaten to it!  Crouch's script only works with objects and has a very cool visualisation system for speed and acceleration as well as the 'time beads' functionality that maya's technology preview provides.  It doesn't represent asynchronous curves in the same way I've done below, but then maybe I'm going over the top.

Tonight I managed to get the script working with child bones - it has to cache the parent space in advance.  The great thing about open source is that I can borrow and learn from crouch's code.  My work in progress code is linked here but be warned its still quite messy and for interest's sake only!  UPDATE:

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