Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rising Unrest at CSM

According to the national student survey, levels of satisfaction at CSM have been falling year on year. The move to Kings Cross seems to have upset most of the students I have spoken to about it. One of the changes which will severely affect future students at the college is a reorganisation of studio technicians. Currently every course has one or more technicians who know the course well, generally have several years experience of working with tutors and students on the course, and have time to teach as well as 'assist'.

The move to Kings Cross will see many of these positions removed, and the level of assistance vastly reduced: technicians will be spread far more thinly and will not have time to do any teaching. Furthermore the well-established relationships between students, tutors and technicians will be destroyed by the reorganisation. The reasons for this are obvious: the college is making drastic cost-cutting measures across the board with little or no thought as to how they will impact on our learning experience.

A few of us on the PgDip course here at CSM decided to take action and wrote the below letter to the dean:

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