Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rotoscope Experiment

This morning I was reading a pigeon-English translation of Yuri Norstein's book "Snow on the Grass".  He discusses eye tracking experiments on viewers looking at paintings and sculptures and shows maps of where their eyes fall. I wondered how my eyes would interpret one of my favourite pieces of film - the introduction to Jim Jarmusch's Down by Law. The sequence of shots are beautifully composed but always moving. I could record my eye position by drawing the area of the image under my eye. By slowing the footage down 50 times I was able to get an almost flowing drawn view of the street. My own drawings were invisible to me as I drew - I used python scripts and blender to record my pen's position over the footage and then render back the trace into one long line.

I've since worked out how I can combine optical flow data with this one long virtual line, fingers crossed to create an automatically animated drawing... some more python coding on the agenda for this week!

Here's a video from the start of term I never got around to posting.  I used waylow's great pedro rig.

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