Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Q&A for "The North Sea Riviera" featured on CGWTF.com

Alan Warburton wrote a really nice review of "The North Sea Riviera" and featured it on his blog CGWTF.com.  He also asked some great questions which made me rethink back to how I conceived the film, and to the lengthy and intense production process which saw it come to life.  It's great to hear from people like Alan who enjoyed the film, and I hope my answers are in some way useful to anyone else out there trying to carve something a little bit different out of this medium we call CG.  Head on over to CGWTF.com to read the full Q&A.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Making my MA Dissertation Available Online

There was such a huge volume of work involved in compiling this that it seems silly not to make it available to others who might be interested in reading about Film Narrative Construction.  I've published my full MA Dissertation on scribd, a hefty book about how I think the writers, directors and editors involved in producing "Mirror", "Kings of the Road", "Alice in the Cities" and "Paris, Texas" went about concealing the narrative construction of the film.  I was very much into Tarkovsky and Wenders at the time and some of the shot by shot breakdowns of their work are very meticulous and there probably isn't anything similar out there.  Have a read, see what you think and by all means criticise away!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

The North Sea Riviera - Festival News

My graduation film from the RCA has been ticking along nicely, getting some views at festivals here and there.  It's screening as part of Rooftop Films in New York City at some awesome venues in an amazing city, and last weekend it won the 'Jury Prize' at Kiev International Short Film Festival, which was a nice surprise!  Big thanks to all the people who supported its production, and to those who have kindly screened the film and awarded it prizes.  Here's the trailer, and a link to the film's minisite.  If you want to run a screening of the film I'd love to hear from you so give me a shout!

The guys and girls in the year below me at the RCA are coming to the end of their two year saga, and will shortly be showing their graduation films in London.  They've got a tumblr up with some great snapshots of what's to come.  Make sure to check out their show if you're in town.