Friday, 19 October 2012

Kickstarter Double Bill: Universal Air and Wrecked

A friend of mine, Henry Fletcher, has just launched a kickstarter for affordable quadcopters.  Most of the sponsorship options get you parts or the complete copter.  Though the kits he's currently selling are the bare bones versions, he's working on a version camera mounts with gimbal controls which will be ace for rebel low budget film making - keep an eye out for these in the near future...

As a small aside, I taught Henry AfterEffects and Premiere from scratch in 2 hours over the internet via TeamViewer... looks like I did a pretty good job from the video above!

It's definitely Kickstarter open season right now - another friend, Liz Ellis, who was as an EP on the Tube project back when I was an intern out at Hampshire College MA, is working on an independent CC-BY-SA licensed TV series called Wrecked:

Wrecked Season One has a beautiful animated title sequence by Lila Burns which in itself is worth checking out.

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