Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dog Topology

Here's how 'Blake' the border collie sheepdog is looking in wire form so far - 2100 faces, all quads, nice clean mesh topology with maybe just a few too many poles.  Struggled a lot with the head.  Wish I'd had access to a real dog to help with the modelling of this.  I've only given him front teeth as he rarely opens his mouth in the 'Crows' short.

Making good progress on the rigs.  The biped one is ready for re-targetting - a hybrid of my 'eskimo' and 'bally' rigs - using iTaSC for damped IK - no more popping!  The quadruped rig just needs layer organising and testing.  Jonny is pretty much ready to bind, just finishing off the Farmer's haircut, hat, glasses and coat.

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