Friday, 29 April 2011

Crow References

I've been thumbnailing like crazy trying to plan out the layout and blocking before I even sit down at the computer.  I started going through the film on a scene-by-scene basis then realised it would probably be better if I'd begun with some character-trait walks, runs, flights etc. to show how each of the four different characters moves.  For reference on the crow flight I've split up some videos into frames and overlayed the 'keys' (or every frame where there's space on the page).  It has the same effect as in the multiple exposure photos you see in Edgerton's Stopping Time.  Hope these are useful bits of animation reference.

Crow landing close time intervals from here.

Crow landing larger time intervals from here.

Crow flight extreme keys only just after take-off.
Every frame of a crow take-off.
Crow-flight with real-time spacing from this footage.

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